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Michelle J Gilliam

Owner, Artistic Director, Instructor, Milwaukee

Michelle Gilliam is a Corporate Facilitator and Improviser. She has been involved in the improv comedy scene for over 25 years, starting right here in Milwaukee WI. Michelle has had the pleasure of performing all over the world and being immersed in the Milwaukee, Chicago, Boston, and Los Angeles improv scenes, which gives her a unique and well-rounded perspective. Michelle currently coaches, teaches, and performs in Milwaukee, WI and Los Angeles, CA. Michelle is also the owner of Improv MKE LLC, and is passionate about connecting the local and global improv community through online and in-person classes, workshops, skill-based drop ins, and jams. Michelle headlined the 2022 Edinburgh Improv festival and did a month-long tour teaching several improv intensives and performing all over the UK. Michelle likes puppies even though she's allergic and thinks penguins are evil.

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