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Hi There!

I'm Michelle Gilliam, owner of Improv MKE.

I spent the last 20-plus years making this dream come true.

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Her Story

Michelle Gilliam started doing improv as a baby. Her first word was, “I just need a suggestion!” Her parents were disappointed, but being the encouraging humans they are, obliged and shouted, “Dada!” Baby Michelle then proceeded to do a 20-minute solo set on the patriarchy playing all the characters. Mr. and Mrs. Gilliam were proud, but Michelle’s older brother had notes. Lots of notes. 

Brother Gilliam thought her world-building was subpar; her games were good, but not as strong as they could be; but her third beats were solid. With that feedback, baby Michelle knew what she had to do!


Michelle studied and studied! She studied in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Boston. She did shows and festivals in New York, Connecticut, and Iowa! She did what she had to do until she had a BIG IDEA!

Our Big Idea

What if you opened an improv theater and school that brought teachers from all over the country and the world who can teach others some of the things you’ve learned over the years and continue to learn yourself? That's what Improv MKE LLC is all about! The organization is designed to create access, both in-person and online, for people to have fun, learn, grow, and play together in ways they never thought possible! Thanks for coming by. 

We hope you stay to play with us. YES AND, we also do corporate stuff! Entertainment, workshops, and custom-created programs and training are available!
We do it ALL!! Mainly because Michelle is no longer a baby, and has a team.

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