Weekly ImprovMKE Happenings 

Hi there! this is where you can find some descriptions of our weekly interactive happenings! Thanks for playing with us! 

This week at Improv MKE Online

  • The Jams

    Improv MKE has Jams twice a week and you can sign up right on our booking page! Sundays at 1pm CST and Wednesdays at 7pm CST! They are open to all skill levels and abilities. 

  • The Drip Ins

    The Drip Ins are a weekly improv Drop In taught by a Black Improv Instructor! Come get reps, learn skills for improv and life! 

  • The Drop Ins 

    The Improv MKE Drop ins are skill based Improv Drop ins to help you hone skills, more creativity, fun and make new friends and connections. Come prepared to have fun, learn from Michelle and instructors around the world! 

  • Shows 

    Coming Soon! Stay tuned for teams and regular shows! Right now you can see Michelle perform weekly with the, How Was Your Week crew on the WG Improv School Twitch Channel. 

Check out this page for updates! 

Thank you all for checking us out! So much more to come! 

The Jam 

We have had over 70 Jams at Improv MKE! Come Join us! 

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